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0804On Saturday, January 21 Garden Adventures Nursery introduced their new line of dwarf crapemyrtle. These new plant varieties came out of a hybridization program that is now entering its sixth year. Garden Adventures has partnered with Greenleaf Nursery, headquartered in Park Hill, Oklahoma, to introduce the new series at the national level. Greenleaf Nursery produces over 14 million plants annually on nearly 2,000 acres in three states, and ship to 35 states.

little princessesThe first four plants in this series, the Little Princess series, will be named after Dow and Linda’s four granddaughters, Holly Ann, Zoey Deshae, Kylie Grace, and Lyla Jane.

Soon the plant varieties will be patented/trademarked and released nationally in the Garden Debut brand. Dow’s first national release, Soft Serve Chamaecyparis, is a dwarf conifer that was released to growers in 2008, into the retail trade in 2009, and is now available at independent garden centers nationwide, marketed under the Proven Winner brand. While new plant development is not a new concept, it is a rarity when a small, locally owned nursery can introduce new plants on a national level. This practice is normally reserved for the large-scale corporate nurseries.