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The Gardener’s Blog

The Gardener's Blog
Welcome to the Gardener's Blog at Garden Adventures Nursery. We hope to provide you with both informative and interesting stories and articles related to the yard and garden. We will keep working on digging up more content for you as the growing season progresses.

When asked what you think of as a Holiday plant, most will quickly think of the Poinsettia.  But unlike the Poinsettia, there is a showy plant that reblooms annually with very little care—the Holiday Cactus.  If you are unfamiliar, the Holiday cactus is a spineless cactus with very showy blooms.

HydrangeasHydrangeas, as a genus, cover a wide range of growth habits, sizes, and flower color. This is due in large part to the rna ny different species, but it is also a product of the plant's ease of cross-pollination. We will briefly cover all the different species that grow in our area, but will focus mainly on the Macrophyllas (Big Leaf) as those can be the most frustrating and are the subject of most questions.

Fun with TropicalsIf you can't slip away to a tropical location whenever you want, why not bring the tropics to your own backyard?

Composting 101Composting provides a partial solution to an issue of great concern in many communities. Composting provides a way of reducing the amount of waste but also turns waste into a useful product for gardening and landscaping.

worm castings springfield moVermicomposting is the use of worms in the composting process to create organic material into an amazing soil adamant referred to as worm castings (worm manure). Just the way Nature does... Naturally!